Since I created my VCF JSON Generator, I never thought I’d see the amount of traffic that I did.
Customers, partners, colleagues, and various users have expressed their gratitude for the generator. Skål/Cheers!

We’ve made considerable changes to VCF since I created the generator, like adding vSAN ESA, splitting NSX traffic over multiple VDS and splitting the VM Management traffic from ESXi management to mention a few.

A frequently asked question has been about adding Management Domain bringup to the generator. I’m excited to announce: it’s now here!

Alongside the ‘Deploy Management Domain’ feature, I’ve also updated the ‘Deploy VI WLD’ and ‘Deploy Cluster’ forms to accommodate the new code for VCF 5.1.

There are additional things that can be included, but you have to start somewhere!

I invite you to explore the updated generator and share your thoughts. All feedback, whether positive or constructive, is welcome!

It’s available here https://www.martingustafsson.com/vcf-ui-json. For those still deploying VCF 4.x, the previous version of the generator can be accessed from the same link or directly at https://www.martingustafsson.com/vcf-ui-json-legacy/

  • No data is stored on the website!

Change Log

• Major UI overhaul
• Management Domain
• Support for VCF 5.1 changes
• [VI WLD/Cluster] Splitting NSX traffic over multiple VDS
• [VI WLD/Cluster] Support for Enhanced Datapath and Enhanced Datapath Interrupt
• Tooltips
• Isolated Workload Domain
• VSAN Deduplication / Compression
• Prevent page from reloading when downloading json (how annoying was that?)
• Validations

• No support for VCF on VxRail
• MTU is set to 9000 on all VDS
• Max 4 VDS
• All portgroups will have load balancing based on physical NIC load

• [Mgmt Domain] No option to split NSX traffic over multiple VDS for Management Domain (let me know if you want to do this!)
• [Mgmt Domain] No support for ENS/ENS_INTERRUPT (again, let me know if you want this!)
• [Mgmt Domain] All ESXi hosts are set to use vSwitch0
• [Mgmt Domain] No support for PUBLIC portgroups

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  1. Pin Pin Poola March 15, 2024 — 13:35

    This is such a great tool. Would you consider allowing an existing json to be pasted in, so those who are not confident directly editing json, could make guided changes using your web UI?

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